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Salads and Soups


Shirazi Salad
Diced cucumber, tomatoes, and onions mixed in olive oil and lemon juice

Green Salad
A hearty mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, and olives


Homemade soup of the day
Ask your server for details

Aash (seasonal)...$8.95 

Speciality Rice


Shirin Polo
Basmati rice topped with saffron, slivered almonds, orange peels, carrots, and pistachio nuts...$13.95

Albaloo Polo
Basmatic rice mixed with pitted sour cherries...$13.95

Zereshk Polo
Basmati rice mixed with sauteed barberries topped with saffron...$15.95

Adas Polo
An exotic mixture of braised lentils, caramelized onions and raisins with saffron basmati rice...$13.95

Shevid Baghele
Basmati Rice Mixed With Dill And Lima beans, with Dash of Cinnamon...$13.95 



Gourmeh Sabzi
Fresh sauteed cooked with dried Persian limes, stewed beef, kidney beans, and special seasoning served with basmati rice...$17.95 

An exotic dish made with boneless chicken cooked in sweet and sour pomegranate sauce and crushed walnuts served with basmati rice...$21.95

Yellow split peas and beef all simmered in our special tomato sauce and

a side of basmati rice...$17.95 

Yellow split peas,sauteed eggplant and  beef simmered in our special tomato sauce served with basmati rice topped with saffron...$17.95 

Main Entree


All kabobs are flame-broiled over an open fire to perfection with your choice of fluffy saffron basmati rice  or over a green salad.   
Kabob-e-Kubideh (ground sirloin kabob)
Two skewers of freshly ground sirloin mixed beef and lamb with special seasoning...$16.95

Lamb Kabob
Tender cube of lamb leg marinated in our special seasoning ( Grassfed from New Zealand )...$27.95 

Chicken Kabob
Succulent boneless chicken breast marinated in our special seasoning...$19.95

Our finest cut of filet mignon marinated in our special seasoning (Grassfed from New Zealand )...$23.95 

Combination of filet mignon and chicken kabob marinated in special seasoning...$26.95 

Chicken Sultani
A combination of one skewer kabob-e-kubideh and one skewer of chicken kabob marinated in special seasoning...$23.95

A combination of one skewer of kabob-e-barg and one skewer of kabob-e-kubideh with special seasoning...$25.95

Jujeh kabob (chicken kabob with bone)
Cornish hen marinated in special seasoning...$23.95

Shishlik (lamb chop)
Tender lamb chops marinated in special seasoning ( Grassfed from New Zealand )...$31.95 

Shrimp Kabob
Jumbo shrimp marinated with lemon, saffron, olive oil, and garlic...$27.95

Salmon Kabob 
Salmon filet seasoned with lemon,olive oil,saffron, and garlic...$27.95

Maheeche polo (lamb shank)
Lamb shank braised and slow cooked to perfection in tomato sauce and our special spices ( Grassfed From New Zealand )...$23.95

Combination Kabob
Skewers of Kabob-e-Kubideh, Kabob-e-Barg, and Chicken Kabob...$42.95

House Combination Kabob
Skewers of Kabob-e-Barg,Chicken Kabob,Lamb Kabob...$47.95

Chef's Combination Kabob
Skewers of ChickenKabob,Lamb Kabob & Jujeh Kabob...$49.95 
* Basmati rice may be replaced with Grilled vegetables
or your choice of any speciality rice for an additional charge of  $6.00

The restaurant reserves the right to a $8.00 surcharge for sharing plate.



Basmati Rice...$7.95  




Kabob-e-Barg ( Grassfed from New Zealand )...$16.95 


Chicken Kabob...$14.95 


Lamb Kabob ( Grassfed from New Zealand )  ..$20.95  


Jujeh Kabob...$18.95 

Shishlik ( lamb Chops ) ( Grassfed from New Zealand)....$26.95

Salmon Kabob....$22.95

Shrimp Kabob.....$22.95


*Prices are subject to change without notice




A flavorful blend of yogurt and Persian shallots...$7.95


A light combination of yogurt, diced cucumber, and dry mint...$7.95

Stuffed grape leaves with rice, dill, and parsley...$7.95

Pureed eggplant with sauteed onions finished with yogurt sauce and a touch of garlic...$8.95

A delicious combination of garbanzo beans, tahini, olive oil, and garlic...$7.95 

Kuku - Persian style fritata
Sabzi (mixed herbs - parsley, spinach, cilantro, dill, nuts and zereshk)...$8.95 

Bademjan (shredded eggplant, caramelized onions, eggs, house seasoning)...$8.95

An delicious potato salad with Persian pickles, peas, and eggs...$7.95

Combination Platter
Select any three of the above...$19.95 



Sauteed eggplant in a saffron tomato sauce with house seasonings served with basmati rice

Grilled Fresh Vegetables
Grilled Eggplant,Portobello mushroom,Green & Red Peppers, Red Onion

Adas polo
An exotic mixture of braised lentils and basmati rice mixed with caramelized onions and raisins

Shirin Polo
Basmatic rice topped with saffron, slivered almonds, orange peels, carrots and pistachio nuts

Albaloo Polo
Basmatic rice mixed with pitted sour cherries

Fesenjoon Vegi
A most exotic dish made from sweet and sour pomegranate sauce and crushed walnuts service with basmati rice

Sauteed Bamie (okra) in saffron Tomato sauce with house seasoning, Served with Basmati Rice

Side Orders

Torshi Shoor (Pickled Vegetables)...$7.95

Torshi Makhloot...$9.95 

Mast (Yogurt)...$7.95

Khiyar Shoor (Persian Pickles)...$7.95

Gojeh (Grilled Tomato)...$5.95 

Home made bread...$1.79 

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